April 15, 2016 – How Strategic is Your Deal? Did you ever think it seemed as though the strategy underpinning a big deal was a little soft, or the price just seemed out of whack with the value? Assets are very expensive these days, and creating deal value is critically important. In this article we use the Sherwin Williams – Valspar deal as an example of where to look for strategic value.

August 20, 2015 – Is Your Company Merger Friendly? Many acquirers focus on just a few “hard” variables in planning and integrating acquisitions. A merger friendly company pays attention both to hard and soft variables. Shift more effort to the soft dimensions for better results.

August 31, 2014  – Three Rules and the Capture of Deal Value: The analytical rigor of advice on business performance was raised a notch by the authors of The Three Rules. Here’s what they mean for M&A success.

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