Operational Integration


August 6, 2018 – The Best Start is a Quick Start: With so many competing priorities in the weeks before a deal closes, how is a leadership team able to plan the integration? Many times, integration planning begins with, “What’s our communication plan?” We believe that should the last step in a structured, concentrated planning effort by the senior teams. The core of Quick Start can be accomplished in two weeks. The integration that follows will flow naturally from this beginning.

July 15, 2016 – Build a First Quartile Integration Capability: Many companies have developed skills and capabilities internally to manage the governance and mechanics of post-merger integration, ranging from small COEs to dedicated, full-time integration teams. In this article, we suggest three ways these teams can improve acquisition outcomes.

November 3, 2014 – Throw Away Your PMI Plan: Let’s start by saying that we have always been strong advocates for building a post- merger integration (PMI) plan. A well-thought-out plan is the shortest path between communicating and accomplishing the vision behind an important merger or acquisition. But there are times when you should throw away the plan!

April 1, 2014 – Integration Best Practices for Top Executives: We all bring our collective experience to bear on the dilemmas and decisions of today. For some of us that experience is more extensive than others. Every now and then we find it our duty to sit back and reflect on how we have come to have the convictions we do about good and bad practices, right and wrong decisions, fact and fiction. Herewith we offer not the top ten, but a quite digestible six best practices…

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