Aligning leader behavior with vision and values

“You guys were awesome to work with. There was no training or baby-sitting you. You were professionals and you knew what you were doing. We got proposals from [three of the big firms,] and I said I didn’t want to run the integration with those guys. They all had a tool kit and they were going to be using all of them no matter what. You were really flexible about applying what you knew to the problem at hand, never pushing a framework, always willing to go back and reinvent the process.

We did everything we could possibly do, to get to where we are now. You developed really good relationships with the team and trained them well. They knew that you wanted them to be successful. We surfaced gnarly issues, and put them in front of the executive team. I feel good about where we are. Without your being there to help us out, I can’t imagine what we would have accomplished.”

 –        COO, Software, U. S. post-acute care management business