The Best Start is a Quick Start… But How?

Quick Starts are critical for integration success

In the high stakes environment of final negotiation and closing, there's not much oxygen left for early integration planning, the kind most advisors would say are so important to deal success. Yet important questions generally come pretty soon after a deal is announced. Having the right answers and being consistent in your leadership greatly improves your ability to get full value from an acquisition.

Getting critical integration steps started isn’t just a question of getting your team to do it. There’s a business to run – two businesses actually. Customers need to be sold and served. Employees need to keep focused on their objectives. Then, there are questions about what the deal means – to employees, customers and shareholders. Getting agreement on the right answers requires collaboration and discussion. So, while the value of a fast start is apparent, the time it seemingly demands is hard to come by.

Quick Start was designed specifically to create the foundation for a successful integration while also preparing leaders to communicate clearly and confidently about the transaction. It is our methodology for rapidly answering the critical decisions that attend any acquisition or merger. It engages leaders on both sides in addressing eight areas of concern for employees, customers and shareholders. The approach can be tailored to any situation, but is characterized by urgency and focus, both of which are required to develop a comprehensive plan with full leadership and organizational support.

Click below to download a 4-page PDF describing Quick Start in more detail.