Rapid Integration

We create and support cross functional and cross organizational teams addressing each key integration objective and keep the teams aligned with each other and with the overall strategy. We usually structure the integration work as a series of 100-day cycles to drive quick results and learning, conducting tactical reassessments at each 100-day milestone.

We help you to establish integration priorities and disciplines in the first three months post close, and phase out our role over the next three months as participants build experience and the process becomes routine. We encourage executives to transition integration leadership and responsibility from the integration teams to line management as soon as possible, at least by the end of the second 100 days post closing.

Our post-acquisition assessment helps to shape the learning and experience of those who played leading roles in the integration and represents a valuable investment in future deal success.

At any time, we can evaluate one or more of your recent acquisitions and build leadership alignment around specific plans to capture missed value creation opportunities or to strengthen the capabilities underlying success for future deals.


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